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DaVinci Homes, Overland’s premier home builder, strives to help its clients experience the “Art of Living” with each project it is commissioned to do. DaVinci works with each client to help them create their own work of art, but one the customer can live in upon completion.

Our goal at Overland Construction is to deliver the highest quality project possible, at the best value engineered. Overland has received numerous awards for its development, landscaping and design projects across Utah and your project could be the next award winning development in Utah.

Real estate investing can help protect assets and reduce taxable income while simultaneously experiencing the power of compound interest in the form of high returns. 

RE/MAX Overland is one of the few real estate brokerages capable of providing quality service for both residential and commercial clients across the state of Utah.

Spacious condominiums and scenic views are always a given at Salt Lake City’s Broadway Condominiums. What is even better is quality service provided by the sales and management staff. 


Overland Group, Inc.

Overland Group Inc. provides real estate services to a variety of clients across the Intermountain West. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Overland is able to provide home and commercial construction, development, real estate sales for both residential and commercial real estate and investment opportunities for residents and businesses in Utah. Overland has over 20 years of experience in Utah’s real estate industry, which makes it the ideal partner for any real estate endeavor. Rest assured that your project is in the right hands when you work with Overland.